R06 (actually Rafal Gucwa) – Polish music producer and DJ. Known for Hard EDM music (hard dance, hardstyle, rawstyle and derivatives). Creates music and also performs under the RaveZeroSix alias. Has his own label ‘We Love Harder!‘.

Active on the scene since 2004. Started with hands up and later on electro-house genres. From 2007 member of the Rave FM underground radio & collective. In 2008 he released his first (and only) music album contains 13 tracks. Also in this year, won the title of Podkarpacie DJs champion and playing much clubs and venues in Poland and Slovakia. From 2012 he is focused on harder sounds from many genres, finally releasing his first 150 BPM track called “Alone” in 2020. He is a part of many music projects, like: Klubove Mocne, Kawaii Rockers, R06 & Peet Beck, Avard Klan etc. Releasing music on labels among others: We Love Harder!, Play Sound Records, World of Fame, KYZ, Antidoto Records, LineUp, Paranoja, JPlanet Entertainment.

There is no going back – If you like #hardEDM music or just want to try something new, don’t hesitate and listen to R06. You can find his songs on all streaming platforms. Become a fan of R06 and join the We Love Harder! madness…





RaveZeroSix - Where's My Bass?

RaveZeroSix - Bajo Jajo

Kawaii Rockers - Touch The Sky

SB Maffija - Lawenda (RaveZeroSix Hard Blend)

Clubbasse vs. Klubove Mocne - Wixoholics

Tomasz Niecik vs Klubove Mocne - 4 Osiemnastki

Spizowi Mocni - Na Pelnym (Klubove Mocne Remix)


RaveZeroSix - Where's My Bass?

RaveZeroSix live set RAVEixa #1


SB Maffija - Lawenda (RaveZeroSix Hard Blend)

Spizowi Mocni - Na Pelnym (Klubove Mocne Remix)


Whether you want to party hard or just enjoy some hard EDM music, this is absolute must have positions for you.

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